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TW:up close and personal by daffodiltard

Attack Of the Killer Pigeons (1/?)

Posted on 2007.01.23 at 16:52
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Okay...just to warn you...this fic will make you laugh...but it may also make you think "WTF was KITG on when she thought of this?"

My answer would be.....i don't have a bloody clue :P

Title: Attack Of the Killer Pigeons (1/?)

Character Pairing: Jack/Ianto...some Gwen/Owen mensions and loads of Jack/Gwen fluff. as they are
just such good mates to one another. :)

Rating: Better say Adult to be on the safe side.

Disclaimer: Don't own Torchwood or the Characters protrayed inside, they are owned by the BBC. I accept no responcibility for: Stupidity, insanity, kidney failure, heart failure, turning into a slitheen, turning into a flying rat as a result of reading this fic. this plot is my owen (as if you couldn't guess by the insanity)

Summary: When the flying rat populas...oops sorry meant pigeon populas startis doing an Alfred Hitchcock, is it the result of aliens trying to take over, or some lost artifact that wants load of birdseed (okey this fic is alot more serious than it sounds...trust me)

Beta: Emeryboard

Follow the flying ratCollapse )

Must hide by

About my Journal

Posted on 2006.10.24 at 23:02
Current Mood: coldcold
Okay, just to let people know. Certain things on my LJ are friends locked for legal reasons. If you want to see them i must add you as a friend and you must friend me.

Hope that helps :)

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Gone insane.

Posted on 2006.09.16 at 21:14
As you can see from by backgrond....i might have gone insane. or maybe i am trying to hyponise you all. Mwahahahaha.

See you in time :)


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Posted on 2006.04.23 at 04:57
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
Well the new season of Doctor who is in full swing....and am loving it. Found Tooth and claw to be a bit tame. but might have just been me.
wahy do i always remember to do this at like 5 in the morning? oh well. moving up in the work world, going for a supivisor job, more money...bt less time to write....never mind. I'll always get writing in there somewhere. hehehehe.

well i had better go to sleep, so night (or morning) all, and

see you in time :)

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suppose i had better update

Posted on 2006.01.12 at 05:23
Current Mood: draineddrained
haven't done this for a while...hum.
well it's 5:30 in the morning....i am about to go to bed. but though i had better update this.
things been a bit strange scince mum died, so not really been wanting to write on these things much. think i'mfeeling better now. Writing Doctor who has helped me alot..kinda an outlet for my grief and angst over stuff.
well night.
and see you in time:)

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Protection of a Rose

Posted on 2005.09.22 at 01:46
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: Doctor Who-Tthe FearMonger
Okay, first entry so am a bit nervous. bt though i had best give it a shot. so wish me luck.

Title: Protection Of A Rose.
Characters 9TH Doctor/Rose/Jack
Summery: Jack Is in a coma, and the Doctor is going the same way. Can Rose Save them? or will she fall to the darkness?

The Story......Collapse )

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Posted on 2005.01.25 at 19:19
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
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Oh bugger.

well sorry i have not been around. (really sorry light *begs forgiveness*) lets see. my life has turned super crap today. it not enough me mum died. but now my job. the job i liked. is going bankrupt. just found out today. took a 2 hour train drive. for a 5 min meeting to say all stores be closed by April. *cries* and to top it off. the loan my mum took. they not going to let it go saying she knew she was going to die when she took out the loan. which cshe bloody didn't.
so how are you all. all good i hope. see you around more often i shouldn't wager. wil have more time on my hands.


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Just another day

Posted on 2004.11.09 at 13:55
Current Mood: crazycrazy
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Hi guys.

seems like ages scince i last wrote in here. i'm fine as you can be. just been looking after me dad, and working.......that and playing san andreas. hehehe.
How are all you lot?
Light good to see youhad 300 hits. way to go girl. must check to see how many hits i have had on mine sometime.
hope you are ok. will have to meet up for Xmas sometime. of i work in norwich so if you do your xmas shopping, i can show you my shop im the mall. hehehe.
oh god just remembered. i have people coming from head office tomorrow to inspect the store. crap. oh well will have to tell you how it goes.

see ya later.

KITG: come on kain lets go for a bite to eat
Kain: hahaha you said bite. as in a bite to eat as in to bite them. hehehe
KITG: *rolls eyes* yes kain. very funny

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Mum Passed away

Posted on 2004.10.17 at 14:39
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Hi guys.

well my mum passed away at 9:30 friday night. the day of her birthday. how ironic to die on the day you were born.
i am happy that i spent most of the day with her. me and my sisters went to give her a little birthday party. but i think she knew she was going to die that day. she kept looking at me. as if to imprint my face in her mind. i gave her a look of what...and she stuck her tounge out as usual to make me laugh.
so i was expecting it i think.....my sisters and dad are in shock though. to them it came so sudden. and they are shocked at the lack of responce by me. i think they expect me to be on the floor in tears as i was very close to her. but i'm not like that. i don't cry. and if i do i do it in private.
well have to go...think i needed to get that off my chest see ya.


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my mum

Posted on 2004.10.14 at 22:57
Current Mood: crushedcrushed
Current Music: none
Hi guys,

i may be gone for a long time. i just found out my mum is terminally ill. so i will be very busy. i don't know how long she has left. so i have to prepare. i hope you are all ok. and light. could you look after kain a little while longer please.

thanks and take care you lot.


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