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kitg's Journal

22 February 1983
Okies. i'm slightly insane....or so my friends tell me (its slander i tell you)
spend most of my time either Writing, reading or watching Doctor Who. Sylvester is my all time fave (cause i grew up with him) but Christopher and David would be fighting for second place.
still abit annoyed with Chris for wasting a regen with his short stay...but never mind. Don't want to bore you to death.
Have two cockatiels.
Just me and my dad now as me mum passed away in 2004 (which means she missed the new series. which i feel sad about...had no one to talk to about it...(Dads not much of the squeeing fangirl type...if you know what i mean)but i know she would have loved it as much as I did.
think thats about it.....oh..and watch out for Rabid tumbleweeds....they are every where!
i adore doctor who, love writing. xbox 360